Monday, October 1, 2012

more science to come

So, started soaking strips before planning.  It does reduce wear on the blade.  You still need to be mindful of tearouts.  I'm looking to buy a scale to be able to gauge if the cane gains any moisture in the process of soaking.  I'd like to define how many days after planning will render the strips as dry as they were when they went into the tube.
I'll get some pics up off the new gluing setup, I use 3" masking tape in long strips to keep from trashing the bench top.  Did 4 sections tonight and then just pulled up the tape.  I use Gorilla glue on my non-hallowed trout size rods.  After about 3 hours from binding, pull the strings, and then sand.  This will make your life way easier.
I also received some Daily's for impregnating.  I'll do some force deflection curves on the sections before and after along with weight to see how it changes the strips.

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