Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cane switch and reel cases

Got a chance to get out with Jenny a while back.  I let her get some time without my constant instruction.  I used this opportunity to practice spey casting with a 9'6" switch rod I built a couple years ago.  It's short for switch but a start to a taper I hope to develop.  It originated from a Vagan (Norwegian) 9' 6wt.  After building the sections it just felt like a short switch rod.  The next rev on the taper will be around 10'6" and see if I can keep it around a 5wt switch with substantial hollowing.  It was fun to toss, but you have to jump it for it's size.  Instead of swinging flies, I just stripped and twitched the streamers back with ok success.  Just good to practice with it before I take it to the Ronde tomorrow for a few days to hopefully put a steelhead on it.

I also just received a reel case from Paul Drake.  He does awesome work.  Nice leather home for a 3", might have to get one for the 3 1/2" brass perfect that should be coming in a month or so.

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