Friday, June 22, 2012

Rules of Rod building

Been trying to get a lot of rod work moving around re-building a bathroom due to a rotted floor from a failed wax flange.

 #1. Take your time.
Managed to over sand a tip section at the ferrule station, now I need to work the wedding gift 2/1 into a 3/1 with building a new mid. This wouldn't have happened had I taken the time to double check my strips so they came in closer to the desired numbers when glued. Nothing wrong with measuring frequently in the process. 

#2. Never put a grip on before the ferrule.
It's easy to be gluing cork on a couple rods and then go ahead and get others that need it, despite having the ferrule yet. Just don't do it.

On a material side. Ordered some grip shrink wrap from Uline. 2". Get a couple builders together and you'll have more than a lifetime's worth.

Working with David Riccardo on some engraving for a cool project. Super excited. Just a hint of what's coming.

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