Friday, September 9, 2011

New boots

I finally tossed a pair of old hiking boots. They were beyond repair. I had glued down the leather a couple times just because I would always forget to buy new boots in time for the next back packing trip. It was interesting to look at the boots and think of where they had been. I only bought them because I had forgotten to take my old favorite Merrel Long trails with me to New Zealand. I spent 2 months hiking all over the South Island in those boots. They had gone to Argentina, Solvenia, Norway, Thailand and all over the west. Trips for my first steelhead, and on down the list. It was cool to think of all the adventures and places. I never expected a cheap pair of boots to survive as long as they did. It's nice to know I got my monies worth, but way cooler to know that I earned the wear on those boots through all the adventures.

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