Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Early Jan Update

Nothing like a break from class to get time to crank on rods. I guess I owe a update with the work that is going on. This is just the stuff in finishing stages, too many rods to list that are yet to be planed/glued.
-B-Ross has a wedding gift that is moving along nicely. Sweet grip that is posted lower. Shamburg built out the blank and I'll finish it out. No Maxwell/Dorsey joke since I have no skills compared to Tom Dorsey.
-A coworker bought a Dennis Stone Perfectionist blank and I'm trying to get him to wrapping the guides. It's the first blank of Dennis's I've seen, looks good.
-Quilling is just about done wrapping his "Stillwater" (his first rod). We'll be varnishing in the dip tank once we see some weather above 50 F.
-Quilling has 2 more matching "Big Creeks" that will be sweet, they are just about ready to wrap.
-My first Quad! Unfortunately I haven't had time to build this from scratch. I bought the blank a while back and I'm trying to get it finished shortly. Over lapped the male ferrule so I'm looking forward to doing that twice. Should be a fun 7'6" 5wt.
-I'm trying to finish out a banty rod that will hopefully be worth keeping around
-We finished a rod building class with a few of the club guys with graphite. I have a little Elkhorn 2wt that is well dressed up that should finish out nice. Ben from the club wanted to do a glass rod so he and I have blanks from Mark Steffen that should show up any day. I might have to do something with the 4wt glass to commerate 14 years of coaching for the club.
-Front Range Anlgers was asking me this fall to do a tying clinic and I suggested one on cane instead. So on Feb 26th (Sat) I'll do a run down on building rods and Shamburg and I will have rods to people to cast.

So with some luck most of these will move off the table through spring and open up for cane switch and spey rods as well as a few trout tapers that need to get built.

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