Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update #2

Hey Guys,
Ok, the summary so far is no salmon. I put some major time in but they were just not eating. I just got back from the Orkla, I spent 3+ days on the water. We had a pretty good beat with the water better for lures but with a good spot for fly-fishing. I tried everything from a wide range of flies in color/size/style and at varying depths. We usually had 5 guys working the beat. 2 salmon 4-5 kilo were caught on the Tuesday morning before i got there. These were the only fish landed in the week. I do have to say how cool it is to see these fish. Some of you know how they get the nickname "leaper" and it's just amazing to see a 10 kilo fish jump out of the water. The beat had fish but they just weren't eating, it was great to see a number of them jump. We had really nice warm weather and that was dropping the water was not putting the fish on the move. I have 2 more days of fishing on the Gaula on Monday and Tuesday forecast is for rain on Tuesday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. On a side note, the cane spey is a canon. It could use a little more tuning on the line and a much better pilot, but when it's timed correctly that rod sings.

Wrap up on Slovenia
I've attached a couple pics. The Wed on the Soca was awesome. To catch a lot of grayling at that size on dries was a blast. They are just beautiful. The river and valley is amazing. The 2 days before were tough. I lost a few fish but just couldn't get a marble to hand. Oh well, just means I'll have to come back one day.

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