Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rod Batch

So here's the rundown with the latest batch of rods.
Couple of Big Creeks (Dad, Kallie, and 2 for the quiver)
A Never Sink 5wt for Sammie's wedding. Katiah, I don't care if you wanted 400 count sheets, you guys get a 5wt instead.
A stellar 6wt, Mark's Freestone. Hoping to line it today, feels like a canon (Clint's).
One of the neat sticks that is waiting for guides is the 9'6" switch rod. Initial guesses put it around a 350gr. Can't wait to put this to work on the fork.

As these wind down the next wave that went through the rougher today is the 13' spey, 650 gr. The goal is to finish this rod in time to take to Norway. A extension of the 9'6" to a 3pc 10'6" switch. Two more Freestones. I have a couple bundles waiting for tapers, thinking a Paul Young Midge and maybe a 3wt version of Mark's Big Creek.

I'll post finished photos as the rods get done. Now if only school wasn't getting in the way.
Cheers, Shawn

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